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Commercial News helps you build a better business selling commercial real estate

Clients want to know what properties like theirs are selling for. Whether it be a shop or an office, a factory, warehouse, or shopping centre complex, clients need to be
able to keep in touch not just with local market trends and developments but to also gather a picture of the market overall. Now they can read all the latest commercial
and industrial information in Commercial News.

The next time your office has a success selling a property simply fill in our editorial questionnaire and in your next issue we will produce an editorial news story sharing with your contacts how you regularly get results. More powerful than a testimonial, these stories have produced many inquiries for our clients.

Commercial News is like your having own personally written newspaper which:

1. Profiles your success

Burgess Rawson Melbourne VIC

2. Uses the power of editorial to sell your properties

Burgess Rawson

3. Reveals why you're the best

Tony Cant Commercial Maitland NSW

4. Profiles your leasing division's success

Space Commercial Sydney NSW

Why are agents using Commercial News?

Instead of using the old familiar advertising techniques employed by every single agent in your area, which is little more than junk mail, your company will be utilising
a newsletter program that will inform your consumers about your successes in the marketplace.

If you take away the coloured artwork of all the flyers being distributed by commercial estate agents, they all look the same. There is no point of difference.

However, your Commercial News will go where you want it to go, when you want it to go, and it will say what you want it to say.

A powerful headline on the front page grabs the reader’s attention as a newspaper would and makes them pursue the full story on page 3. This will create a genuine point of difference and company awareness for your market area.

It is one thing to say that you can do something, it is even more powerful to give real life examples of your success.

To find out how your office can make use of this innovative program please conatct Ken Robinson, CEO - Publisher, on 02 4954 2100