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How to generate FREE trade press and

cut your advertising budget

By Ken Robinson, CEO & Publisher, Newsletter House

Trade media is very much the forgotten segment by most public relations practitioners who use mainstream media to target their clients’ messages.

Yet trade publications have a life span that is virtually unequalled and a demographic reach that says sales, sales, sales. And you can gain massive exposure for a song.
Consider just one magazine – which has a controlled circulation of just 15,300 but 45% are senior management and 20% engineering and technical people.

Importantly, it is backed by its own web site that is updated daily with breaking news and developments.

To advertise in this publication would cost $5020 + GST for a full page, $2940 + GST for a half page and that’s just for the placement and doesn’t take into account the costs of the ad’s design and production.

So you could be up for as much as $6000 just for one magazine ad with no guarantee the ad will be noticed/read/acted upon … after all, we get the magazines for the articles. If you wanted exposure in all market segments your trade media spend could easily exceed $30,000 for just one appearance of one ad in this clutter
of magazines.

There is a more cost effective way of achieving promotion through trade publications like this.

The same story could be prepared also for every other magazine in the
market segment.

How many trade magazines cater to your market segment? Imagine the impact of a story on your latest development, project or product appearing in every one of them together with photos!

Newsletter House specialises in identifying and developing editorial exposure opportunities for our clients.

Our senior people have more than 30 years’ experience in this field, providing articles for magazines in virtually every market sector.

Does this approach work every time?

We won’t mislead you. Not every article is always published. That’s the nature of publishing. But a well founded, well crafted, newsworthy story has every opportunity of seeing the light of day – and in more than one publication.

And it’s certainly less expensive than your ads that may or may not work
If you have a story to get out, our specialist team has a track record second to none.
One call to enlist the Newsletter House team could be all it takes to open up opportunities for hundreds of column centimetres of exposure nationally where it counts – between the ads.

You pay only once for a story and then you distribute it to as many publications as you like nationally. There’s nothing more to pay.

Consider the magazines and websites to which you could submit your story complete with a link back to your own web site. Suddenly PR is doing wonders for your web site optimisation and Google rankings and you’ve still only spent $1100.

That $1100 could easily generate exposure that in advertising cost terms is worth in excess of $50,000 and, more importantly, it’s exposure between the ads, exposure to which your clients are more likely to react with calls and sales.

To assess whether this approach could work for you speak with us today and we will explore the opportunites open to your firm in the Trade Press.

If you feel your marketing materials are letting you down then please accept a free consultation to help you to start increasing sales today. Please telephone
Ken Robinson on (02) 4954 2100 today.