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How to add more weight to your Appraisal presentation?

You have just completed an Appraisal presentation. The meeting seemed to go according to plan, the home-owner responded the way you wanted them to but they have asked you to get back in touch with them in several weeks for a decision as to whether they will sign with you. 

What should you do next to improve your chances of getting the vendor to sign with you?

Many agents have found that their Property News newsletter makes the perfect follow-up tool.

On average each issue profiles a sales success of one or more properties.
These stories reveal to the vendor what your office is like to work with and the approach that you and the team work hard to make sure sales are secured.

Many of our Property News clients, while out chasing new opportunities, simply mail each week a different issue of Property News to the homeowners who are trying to work out which agent they will sign with.

Instead of you telephoning at an inappropriate time, the newsletter arrives full of examples how you could make the homeowner successful.

These stories enable your message to be reinforced without the need for you to be on the phone calling them as they debate their decision.