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How can you generate new leads at Industry functions?

Some people either love or loath Industry functions. In this report, we share with you one step you can take to turn Industry function into a Gold mine of leads.

Years ago, I was invited by a colleague to attend a Small Business Industry function. While walking through the crowd trying to locate my friend, I eventually found him huddled together with a small group of people.

As I waited for my friend to finish his animated discussion as to why they should do business with him, it immediately dawned on me that there was a far quicker way of getting your message across to all these people.

As soon as my friend had finished his discussion, I asked him to watch me get the same information across to this crowded room, without having to share my pitch with each group of individuals.

With my friend watching on, I walked up to the first group of people. I was holding in my left hand roughly 10 to 20 copies of my latest newsletter.

I used the following dialogue (while holding up the newsletter), "Excuse me, would you like to learn how to grow your business in 24 hours? Would you like to know the five secrets to telephone prospecting?"

No sooner had I shared the contents of my current newsletter with the group, I then asked them the following: "If you can give me your business card, with your mobile telephone number, I will give you a free copy of this newsletter which has several business building articles."

Without a word from anybody, each individual started handing over their business cards. The people carrying a business card, which did not have their mobile phone number on, started asking other members of the group for a lend of a pen to write down their mobile phone number.

Within 40 minutes, I was able to circulate through all the groups at the Industry function and left that evening with everybody's business card.
What's more, as I handed out each newsletter people stopped talking so that they could start to read my newsletter. At one point the whole room was reading my newsletter.

Within an hour, 15 people come up and thanked me for the newsletter. Not only that, but they stated that I should call them in the morning - as they themselves would like me to produce a similar style newsletter for them.

Please try this technique out, and let me know of the results you got from your next Industry function.