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Make the most of Trade Show Events
with our three step strategy

Step 1 – Before the trade show,

Long before the trade show gates open, you want your prospects thinking that they should visit your stand. But how do you create the motivation to seek your stand out?

One of our clients found out the power of newsletter marketing when they organised a mail out of their newsletter to a list of prospect who they thought would be attending the next trade show they were exhibiting at.

In the newsletter they offered a special trade show promotion, but only to those people attending the trade show who presented the newsletter to one of the staff members at their stand.

The strategy worked, it created an immediate interest in their current promotion and gave them a measuring stick (the number of newsletter coupons collected) as to the pulling power of the promotion.

Step 2 – At the trade show,

Late last year, I visited a large trade show at Darling Harbour where several of my clients were exhibiting.

Prior to the show, I asked my clients to make sure one of their staff visited all the public catering facilities.

I advised them to have their staff member put copies of their newsletters on each of the tables where visitors to the exhibition were sitting down for a coffee break or something to eat.

Fortunately, several of my clients followed my advice. When I visited one of the catering areas, I sat down next to a gentleman who was reading one of my client’s newsletters. I asked him the following questions:

"That looks interesting. What stand did you get that from?"

He responded, "It was sitting here on the table. I am quite amazed by the success these people are having for their clients. You can have this copy of their newsletter, because as soon as I finish my cup of coffee I plan to go and talk to these people. I am quite impressed with what I have read."

Step 3 – After the trade show,

How do you get people to not only pick up your literature at the Trade Show, but act upon it after the event?

Unfortunately, you can spend a fortune, and many hours creating beautiful brochures only to find out that they finish up on the floor of the trade show.

We don’t like to admit it, but trade show organisers will tell you that the majority of marketing material given away at a trade show finishes up in the bin on the day or is buried away in a filing cabinet by well-intentioned trade show visitors who kept your material thinking they would follow through after the event and contact you – but for a variety of reasons they never get around to contacting you.

Don’t despair, we have advised clients on a successful process that keeps you top of mind after the trade show:

1.         Week one after the trade show send them your latest newsletter

2.         Week two and three send them a series of newsletters

3.         Week four, follow up with a phone call to your prospect.

This strategy works; I have had numerous clients contact us to thank us for this simple but effective three part strategy.

Please try this technique out, and let me know of the results you get from your next Trade Show.