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Brisbane builder sells 3 homes in two weeks with their first newsletter

Urban HomesHow did Urban Homes benefit from their first newsletter?

Newsletter House asked the Managing Director of Urban Homes, Brian Maloney, what was the outcome of their first newsletter.

“Even though the Newsletter House team had put together a
first rate publication, that first week while we waited for the
results to come in left us a little nervous,” Brian said.

“But within a day or two of the first letter box drop we had received a total of
12 phone calls.

“Two of those prospects translated into sales within the same week they
contacted us.

“Out of the other leads, six people requested quotes. Then the following week we converted another lead into a further sale.”

What does the future hold for Urban Homes?

Due to the success of the first issue, Brian is now liaising with the Newsletter House team to a get a further set of newsletters published as soon as possible.

“The newsletters just work! They have tapped into what our customers want and profile our properties in such away that buyers are calling us,” said Brian.

Front cover of issue 2.
how to build a new home on time and on budget

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