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How to market health products

ICB Gait & Posture Clinics were first established in 1990 (operating as AOL Footcare Centres) as a network of practitioner referral centres. More than 100,000 patients have been assessed and treated to date. 

ICB Gait & Posture Clinics specialise in biomechanical assessment.  Each practitioner has been formally trained by the International College of Biomechanics, offering patients treatment to combat lower limb pain and conditions resultant from structural and/or muscular irregularities.

Having completed the intensive training, practitioners return to their practices excited about the methods they have learnt and for many weeks sales of ICB's products roll through the door.

But like most things, after a while the enthusiasm drops and so do orders.

How do we keep the sales orders coming in?

Back in 2004, in consultation with Rod Keilt - ICB's Managing Director, we advised them to send out a monthly newsletter showing practitioners how they could use ICB's products to help their patients.

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Since then through the interest generated by their monthly newsletter ICB has enjoyed a regular stream of sales through their practitioners dotted throughout the country.

This simple communication process has helped each practitioner be aware of ICB's latest developments, which in turn have enabled them to suggest new health products where necessary.

Simply by helping the practitioners knowledge to grow, ICB has found that its sales results have grown at the same pace.

Is there a way we could produce a monthly newsletter that would increase your customers' knowledge while growing your sales?

Phone Ken Robinson, CEO - Publisher, on 02 4954 2100 to discuss how you could develop repeat business through your marketing methods.

Rod Keilt - ICB's Managing Director, sent us a thank you letter for our efforts over the past five years:

ICB testimonial