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Newsletter scores $160,000 contract

commercial interior newsIn the quiet silly season just prior to Christmas 2010 the staff at Accent Office Interiors Wickham office were amazed when a man, a complete stranger, strode in waving their Newsletter House created newsletter and said he wanted to discuss office fitout. Within an hour he had signed a contract for more than $160,000 worth of furnishings and fittings.

Accent Office Interiors recently won praise for a new fitout in a presitigious car dealership (issue 1) and a strong endorsement of work well done from a leading accounting firm (issue 2).

Instead of keeping this good news to themselves they have had their good work profiled in their own newsletter program which was mailed to 7,000 businesses.

According to their Sales Manager, this publicity has brought in a host of new enquiries which have lead to new work!

When we first met with Accent Interiors management team they were advertising in a manner similar to most other firms in their industry.

For them the clear point of difference of our newsletter program was the key to their decision to use our newsletter program. They have always valued their standing in the business community and what better way to profile this than to have their clients sharing how Accent Interiors delivered on their promises.

In each interview we conducted with their clients, it became quite clear that this family company had a lot to be proud of and the business community has responded accordingly as they have responded to the newsletters published so far in very favourable terms.

Front cover of issue 1
Newcastle Toyota office fitout wins praise

Accent Testomonial
Click here to download testimonial

Front cover of Issue 2
how to achieve a stunning fitout

As you can see from viewing these two front covers, it is quite clear to the reader that Accent Interiors does not have to resort to standard marketing practices when its clients are willing to be quoted on the record as to why they are glad they appointed Accent Interiors to deliver their new office fitouts.

To ensure our client Accent Interiors gains the best possible exposure through its newsletter program we have an exclusivity agreement with them that they are
the only office fitout firm we will work with in the Newcastle and Central Coast,
NSW region.

Do you have a good story to tell? A list of valued clients who consistently speak of your good work? Well then we invite you to speak with our Newsletter House, CEO and Publisher, Ken Robinson on 02 4954 2100 and let him and his team create a newsletter program that will allow you to stand out from the crowd.