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Selling to the club industry

Voyager Gaming sells gaming equipment throughout Australia. When you have sales reps on the road travelling thousands of kilometres each month, it helps to have a lead generation system that points you in the direction of prospects who are ready to buy. That lead generation system is exactly what was provided by the Newsletter House team.

Selling to the club industry is an extremely competitive task. For every club in the market there are hundreds of suppliers competing for the same business.

Voyager Gaming found itself in an exciting place. They had a new product range and based on overseas sales could see massive sales growth if their marketing and sales efforts worked effectively.

As you can imagine, rolling out a new product range to the club industry was going to be no easy task. For one thing every town and suburb across Australia has a club nearby, so from a point of view of sending out sales reps it can be a costly exercise.

The newsletter program has proven a winner. Every issue they have sent out has seen a positive response with club managers phoning Voyager Gaming for a demonstration.

As a result of the newsletter doing its job, Voyager Gaming has been able to narrow its focus to clubs that have expressed an interest in buying instead of visiting clubs who have no interest. Basically the newsletter delivered a hotlist of prospects!

And why wouldn't a club be interested. Voyager Gaming has a good product to sell with a sound track record. You only have to look at the front cover story (see below) to read about a club that increased its gaming revenue by 25% in six weeks. Any club manager would be happy with such a good result.

Front cover of issue 2

Voyager testimonial

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Do you have a good story to tell? A list of valued clients who consistently speak of your good work? Well then we invite you to speak with our Newsletter House, CEO and Publisher, Ken Robinson on 02 4954 2100 and let him and his team create a newsletter program that will allow you to stand out from the crowd.