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Home builder increases sales by 30%

home builder newsIn the past six months, strong buyer enquiry at Montgomery Homes has seen the business grow about 30 to 40 per cent at a time when about 70 per cent of other builders have been doing it tough.

Sales Manager Dean Allison attributes a lot of this to a publication produced by a Cardiff-based publisher called Newsletter House. The company produced a newsletter called Homebuilder News, which was especially designed for Montgomery Homes.

“The newsletters have played a significant role,” Dean said. “The case studies, which are centred on clients who have a story to tell about their dealings with us, serve several purposes. They aren’t just about our building skills, or how we specialise in sloping blocks, they are about our credibility.

Why did Montgomery Homes appoint Newsletter House?

Dean decided a new marketing approach was needed, so in July when Newsletter House CEO, Ken Robinson, showed him how successful newsletters could be in generating new leads, Dean decided to give them a go.

He soon discovered the powerful stories plus the stunning images and tabloid style headlines were attracting prospective customers. “We were very pleased. It was a great result,” Dean said.

Front cover of issue 6.
home builder news

The first newsletter ran with a powerful in-depth story that examined whether or not the company delivered on its promises. Newsletter House had interviewed a client who candidly told Homebuilder News how Montgomery Homes had gone out of their way to build a superb home on a sloping block two months early.

The couple had been wary of building, but was willing to share with Homebuilder News how Montgomery Homes had not only honoured their commitments, but come in early and built a top quality house. The story highlighted the integrity and reliability of Montgomery Homes and helped prospective clients overcome their fear of the
building process.

Later issues focused on other business strengths, including the company’s willingness to make changes to a design. It underscored how this was a unique characteristic in the project building field, which set Montgomery Homes apart from its competition.It was an important point of difference, identified by the editorial team at Newsletter House.

Why did Montgomery Homes re-sign for another newsletter program with
Newsletter House?

With several highly successful publications already to its credit, Montgomery Homes recently signed again because it realised the newsletters were generating new leads and raising the company’s profile at a time when it needed to boost sales.

Do you have a good story to tell? A list of valued clients who consistently speak of your good work? Well then we invite you to speak with our Newsletter House, CEO and Publisher, Ken Robinson on 02 4954 2100 and let him and his team create a newsletter program that will allow you to stand out from the crowd.